LAMPOCICLO is an Italian Ebike brand. All of our bikes and Ebikes can be customized on customer order. Bikes are manufactured in Verona and Milan starting from hand weld brazed frames to final assembly. For example: one of our basic model is available in 4 sizes, than you can choose 7 standard color or any RAL color customer wish, 3 different type of gear system, furthermore you can add painted rims, panniers, real leather tool case, match colors with leathers and tyres etc. not to mention electric drive. Finally combination are almost infinite. We believe craft excellence can be relevant in a world populated by mass produced goods at any price level. Beside retro inspired look, all of our vintage bicycle and Ebikes are perfectly functional and practical way of transport for “ecochic” daily urban commuting.  Products can be found at a few trusted retail stores, and soon through   ecommerce and product configurator.

e-Bike & Pedelec Modelle von Lampociclo

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