) LEAOS Carbon Urban E-Bike - Video Präsentation
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LEAOS Carbon Urban E-Bike – Video Präsentation

LEAOS Carbon Urban E-Bike – Video Präsentation
Leaos White

Unisex, light, stylish and made for everyday use. that ’s what LEAOS is.

Armin Oberhollenzer, CEO Leaos und Francesco Sommacal, Desinger Leaos Pure präsentieren das Carbon Urban e-Bike im Video.

LEAOS is the first E-Bike with a consequent unbroken designline including handlebar and fork. Furthermore the challange was to pack all the technical elements into the body, which is totally new in the bicycle industry.

Zerocarbonfootprint with LEAOS gets to other target groups and out of the ugly style.

Designed and handmade in Italy

Hier das neue Produktvideo von Leaos:


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