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Useful about electric bikes

What is a „starting support“?

Up to a maximum speed of 6 km/h bicycles with a starting support can be driven by engine power only. Most of these bicycles are operated manually using a throttle on the handgrip. Many people find this especially useful in city traffic.

Can I also use my electric bicycle without power support?

An electric bicycle can be used just like a conventional bicycle without power support. You can turn off the support via the control unit. You may even continue driving without any problem, if your accumulator is empty. In comparison to a conventional bicycle an electric bicycle is heavier though.


Purchase tips for e-bikes

Everybody is talking about pedelecs and e-bikes nowadays. This new dimension of movement can be a good supplement to cars and public transportation or can even be a fully adequate replacement. Pedelecs offer a variety of advantages compared to other means of transportation. Its strong point is especially in city traffic, in short distances, as for example for shopping tours or on the way to the office. Just think of the possibility of being able to choose shorter routes or not having to look for a parking space. But electric bicycles are also ideally suited to longer distances...


In regard to the transport of an electric bicycle by various means of transport some aspects need to be taken into consideration: Electric bicycles weigh more than conventional bicycles and especially the accumulator raises questions. Lithium-ion accumulators are subject to laws concerning hazardous materials – important mainly for air travel.

Travelling by air with an e-bike

On flights an e-bike is usually treated like a conventional bicycle with the according regulations of the respective airline as far as costs, packaging and any registration periods are concerned. Important exception: Lithium-ion-accumulators must not be transported in passenger planes – neither in the cargo compartment nor in the passenger space



Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, are divided up into three categories. We distinguish between pedelecs, S-Pedelecs and e-bikes.



(Electric bicycle with pedal-assist only)

The widest range of models can be found in the category of pedelecs. The term “pedelec”, short for pedal electric cycle, refers to an electric bicycle with a pedal-assist electric drive system. The cyclist is supported when pedalling, that is when he is actively depressing the pedals of his bike – also called pedal-assist.