Purchase tips for e-bikes

Everybody is talking about pedelecs and e-bikes nowadays. This new dimension of movement can be a good supplement to cars and public transportation or can even be a fully adequate replacement. Pedelecs offer a variety of advantages compared to other means of transportation. Its strong point is especially in city traffic, in short distances, as for example for shopping tours or on the way to the office. Just think of the possibility of being able to choose shorter routes or not having to look for a parking space. But electric bicycles are also ideally suited to longer distances, i.e. commuting from the outskirts, an extensive weekend tour or to different fitness levels within a group. Pedelecs can also be a great support for people with restrictions as regards to health, during rehab or during training.

Assessing the specific purpose

An important factor in the buying decision is the desired support of the individual physical performance level. Think carefully for what purpose you want to purchase a pedelec or an e-bike. A bicycle for the daily shopping tour in the city has to perform differently from a bike for long-distance tours, during which you possibly cannot recharge the accumulator. The requirements of a mountain bike with electric support, which has to support the rider even in almost impassable terrain, differ from those of a trekking bike that is used for commuting to the office on a daily basis. This affects various aspects: the type of bicycle, its technical equipment and the power of the accumulator and the motor.

Questions to consider before buying

Proceed systematically in regard to your purchase decision and be honest with yourself. Then you are most likely to find the pedelec or e-bike that suits your demands best. Ask yourself the following questions before going to the specialised bicycle dealer:

  • How much money do I want to spend?
  • How often will I use the pedelec?
  • Do I want a pedelec that – like a conventional bike – does not have to be insured or do I want an e-bike that is subject to compulsory insurance?
  • Which type of gearbox do I prefer? What gear ratio do I need?
  • Do I prefer rim brakes or disc brakes?
  • For what purpose do I use my bicycle most frequently? (short-distance shopping tour, long-distance way to work, tours, mountain biking, weekend tours etc.)
  • How heavy do I want my bicycle to be? Do I have to carry it down to the basement?
  • Do I need a carrier, mudguards or other components?
  • Do I want a suspension fork or a suspension seat post?

If you take these questions into consideration you will come close to the bicycle category that suits your individual needs best. Weigh the arguments in a certain order and think about what aspects or components you are willing to relinquish if need be. There will not be THE ideal bicycle – in one detail or the other you will have to make cuts.

Search tool ebike-base.de

Search our database for suitable bicycles. We offer numerous parameters for recommendations of matching models. That way you are able to narrow down the range of models. If a pedelec has a detailed entry, a dealer database of the manufacturer is available to you in addition. Thus you can find the nearest specialised bicycle dealer. Get in touch with your dealer and ask him if the desired model is available and whether you can go on a test drive.

Turn to a specialised dealer in regard to your requirements specification

Enquire about the costs of a replacement accumulator. If you use your electric bicycle often, you will need one sooner or later. Then you should be prepared for the costs – accumulators are pricey. Also ask about the availability of replacement batteries.

When you have settled on a model, enquire about a test drive. Your dealer should adjust the bicycle to you size and explain the control display to you. Test drive the bicycle in various drive modes und terrains. Don’t hesitate to ask about a price reduction – perhaps you will receive a free component instead of a discount. Make enquiries about terms of warranty – also in regard to the accumulator – and about the possibilities of repair and service. Can the accumulator be removed and can it be charged both when it is attached to the bike and removed from the bicycle? What about anti-theft devices as far as the accumulator is concerned? Can you handle the brakes and gears? Do the saddle and the seating position fit your needs?

Only buy a pedelec or an e-bike of which you are fully convinced – then you will enjoy it for a long time.

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